Ravenloft: Prisoners of the Mist Wikia

This is the full list of base and prestige classes available on Ravenloft - Prisoner of the MIsts. The server has specific rules on class progression and multiclassing:

  • Classes must be no more than 10 levels apart when multiclassing.
  • Monks can only multiclass with specific classes.
  • Paladins who multiclass can no longer progress as paladins and lose all paladin abilities, except when multiclassing with specific classes.
  • All prestige classes are available, except Harper Scout and Purple Dragon Knight.
  • Prestige classes must have a minimum of 5 levels in them by the character's maximum level.

More information can be found using the in-game journal or the forums.

Ravenloft-specific Prestige classes are denoted by (*).

Base Classes[]

Prestige Classes[]

Unrestricted prestige classes:

Prestige Classes requiring an application:

Unavailable Prestige Classes