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Each crafting skill requires at least 8 points in both of its abilities (see the Rest menu crafting info) and additional points improve the chance of success for every crafting attempt. The crafting skills are listed below, in rough order of most to least utilized ability score, along with basic instructions (note: customers can equip a pattern or template to style it before crafting).


  • Leather Boiling - 1 leather patch + 1 bees wax, use boiling hook on leather boiler
  • Hide Curing - 1 hide + 1 tannin, use curing knife on curing basin
  • Herbalism - 1 potion bottle + herbs, use mortar and pestle on herbalist cauldron


  • Gilding - 1 mercury + 1 acid + 1 ingot + weapon, use tool on gilding tub
  • Distillation - 1 alchemical container + dusts, use alchemist alembic on distillery
  • Alchemy - 1 resin + 1 essence, use alchemist kit on alchemist apparatus


  • Woodworking - 1 template + planks or poles, use woodworkers toolbox on workbench
  • Leatherworking - 1 pattern + leather patches, use leatherworker toolkit on worktable


  • Smithing - 1 pattern or template + ingots, use smiths hammer on anvil
  • Carpentry - 1 chunk or plank of wood, use carpenters saw on sawhorse


  • Mining - Use light or heavy miner pick on mineral seams, improved power attack helps but is unnecessary
  • Woodcutting - Use woodcutters axe on small tree, improved power attack helps but is unnecessary
  • Smelting (CON + STR) - 1 or more ore chunks, use smelter bellows on smelter
  • Tailoring (DEX + CHA) - 1 pattern + yarn or cloth bolts, use tailoring kit on worktable
  • Enchanting (INT + CHA) - 1 gear + soulbound XP loss, use tool on enchanting station

Tutorial Videos[]

This page contains external YouTube links to crafting tutorial videos.  These videos were created and posted by EmptyAnima via the Ravenloft: Prisoners of the Mist official forum.  A link to the original forum post can be viewed here:  http://www.nwnravenloft.com/forum/index.php?topic=40142.msg506233#msg506233

An initial -5 penalty to your crafting check occurs when a recipe is attempted that is not currently known by your character. 

Note:  Turn on annotations when viewing the videos