Ravenloft: Prisoners of the Mist Wikia

Creeping Doom

Spell Level: Druid 7; Voodan 7; Plant domain cleric 7

Innate Level: 7

School: Conjuration


Component: Verbal, Somatic

Range: Medium

Area of Effect / Target: Huge

Duration: 1 Round / Level (Max 10)

Additional Counter Spells:

Save: None

Spell Resistance: No

The caster summons a mass of biting and stinging insects which causes 3d6 points of piercing damage. For every subsequent round that a creature remains within the area of effect, the damage inflicted is doubled (6d6 for the second round, 12d6 for the third, 24d6 for the fourth and beyond), inflicting a maximum of 24d6 damage per round. Creatures within the area of effect also have their movement speed slowed by one half.