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These are the feats that have been added or heavily modified specifically for PoTM. For the standard feats available in Neverwinter Nights, please see NWN Wiki's Feats page. Subcategories are listed first under "ALL ITEMS".

Combat Feats[]

One-Handed Duelling Feats[]

Two-Weapon Defense Feats[]

Firearm Feats[]

General Feats[]

Skill Feats[]

Mercantile Feats[]

Outcast Rating Feats[]

Animal Feats[]

Racial Feats[]

Special Feats[]

Spellcasting Feats[]

Conjuration Feats[]

Necromancy Feats[]

Turn Undead Feats[]

Lay on Hands Feats[]

Class Feats[]

Barbarian Feats[]

Bard Feats[]

Fighter Feats[]

Hexblade Feats[]

Druid Feats[]

Monk Feats[]

Paladin Feats[]

(See also the Turn and Lay on Hands Feats)

Rogue Feats[]

Blackguard Feats[]

Warlock Feats[]

Warmage Feats[]

Beguiler Feats[]

Monster Hunter Feats[]

Hallowed Witch Feats[]

Master of Many Forms Feats[]


Consult [1] And here [2] for additional feats(need to be added to wiki)