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This is a general timeline of In Character events on the server. Events are noted if it's reasonable to think that any commoner NPC would have heard of them and would gossip about them, i.e. what your character could find out at the local tavern. Please try to use the past tense, not the present tense; for the NPCs who are gossiping about these, these events are long past, not on-going.

If in doubt, do not be too specific; don't worry too much about specific dates or the names of any characters involved, details should be found out In Character.

759 to 765 (RL 2004 to 2010)[]

IC Timeline 759 to 765

766 to 771 (RL 2011 to 2016)[]

IC Timeline 766 to 771

772 (RL 2017)[]


Raduta (formely known as Von Zeklos Keep): The local chapel of Ezra passed in the hands of the Second Revelation, with Toret Rovana Stanoiu and Lucilla Giuccardini becoming local priests.


Vallaki: In the Broken Bell Theatre the first Meistersinger Contest of Barovia was performed, the winner being Sagrin.


Raduta: Bastion Otrava threw a special celebration in the chapel.


Dementlieuse forces countered Falkovnian troops in a border skirmish on the eastern shore of the Musarde River, at Seimerie.

Dementlieuse Civil War: aristocratic forces of the Covenant, led by the Maitriser Marius de Mortigny, declared war on the Council of Brilliance, demanding the restoration of their former aristocratic rights. Heavy skirmishing followed, especially south of Chateaufaux.


Port-à-Lucine was first blockaded by Covenant forces.


The Battle of Fletans, or Battle of the Frost: the Company of the Fox defeated Covenant forces. Marquess Blanche Couvreur was executed by the Company of the Fox, despite turning traitor in favour of the Council. Deaths were high due to the cold weather of frost and snow, in spite of healers' best efforts.

773 (RL 2018)[]


The Battle of the Col de Sangue. Heavily outnumbered forces of the Company of the Fox defended against the Covenant's attack. Despite inflicting very high casualties on the Covenant, the Fox were forced to retreat and their rear guard was annihilated. Both sides claim victory. Warden Agnès Gauthier was captured by Covenant soldiers.

Chateaufaux was besieged by Covenant forces.

The Covenant flagship at the blockade of Port-à-Lucine was destroyed, it is rumoured by the Vicomte de Roquefort, winning the city a brief reprieve.


After a brief truce, during which hostages were exchanged and attempts at parley broke down, the Covenant continued to march on Port-à-Lucine.

Grand Opera Massacre: driven insane by spurned love, the Vicomte de Roquefort and several of his guests attacked the audience at the Grand Opera; they killed many before being all slain.


Following controversy surrounding the death of Simone d'Évreux, the Duchesse de Beauvais, and the destruction of her household, the Company of the Fox was disbanded and absorbed into the Gendarmerie of Dementlieu. Sieur Jerome de la Salle took responsibility for the tragedies that had occurred, then shot himself on the floor of the Council of Brilliance meeting; it was rumoured that this action spared the remaining members of the Company a worse punishment.

The fleet of the Council of Brilliance attempted to lift the blockade of Port-à-Lucine but was destroyed while inflicting heavy losses on their foe. Covenant land forces reached Port-à-Lucine.

The Red Academy of Hazlan: The reign of terror ended: after successfully defeating the treasonious lich Amaya Mazdak in single arcane combat, Mentalos Za'am was named Senior Instructor of the Red Academy and Regent of Academic Integrity by none other than the Zulkir of Necromantic Thaumaturgy, Lord Hassan Vahid.

The Fall of the Deceiver: The cult of the Morninglord, along with their allies, traveled far and wide to end the reign of terror of Urzica the Deceiver.


Rampage of Ramulai: Blood filled the streets of Ramulai, Hazlan during the midnight hours. Mulani men and their servants laid lifeless in the streets. Those in the Red Academy knew this to be the work of a servant of House Za'am, Mentalos' own twisted apprentice Balzaabar.


Port-à-Lucine: The Covenant took the city, simultaneously assaulting from the east and the west; the western attack, anticipated by General Montte of the Gendarmerie, devolved into a trap and a counter-trap that tied up most Gendarme forces, while the eastern assault entered the city without facing serious resistance. General Edmond Montte slew Gaston Maurice, the Covenant general leading the western force, despite having surrendering to him; for this act of perfidy, Montte was dragged in front of the Palais Dirigeant, where he was almost summarily executed by the Maitriser himself. The Maitriser's sword was ultimately stayed by the words of his close counsel, and the hand of Agnès Gauthier.

Village of Barovia: A Lathanderite paladin fell to the floor at the foot of the Altar in the Sanctuary of Blessed Succor, witnessed by few, yet retold by the clergy of the Cult of the Morninglord. All who reside in the Village of Barovia awaken where they had fallen the night prior to hordes of demons remembering nothing of the event, suddenly healed of all injuries they had sustained leaving everyone in disbelief and denial save for those who witnessed what transpired in the Sanctuary that night. Shortly after, Alorin Brightroar is posthumously granted the rank of Saint by Vicar Miklos, and a holiday is established in his honor.


Following the successful campaign that defeated the vampiric menace known as Urzica the Deceiver, Dawnbringer Loredana Vaduva was named as Vicar of Vallaki for the Morninglord faith.


After almost two months of relative peace, news of an impending invasion from Falkovnia forced the Maitriser to retreat from Port-à-Lucine. A new militia was raised in readiness as the threat of war once more returned to Dementlieu.


After discontent rocked the city, the workers' unions of Port-à-Lucine organized a congress to draft a petition of redress, to be presented to the Provisional Government. The Government ignored the petition.

774 (RL 2019)[]


Port-à-Lucine: After months of relatively uneasy quiet in the West of Dementlieu as the Falkovnians laid siege to Ameranthe, the Maitriser's fortress in the East, civil discontent erupted after the playwright, musician, local celebrity, and war hero Verinne van Haute is killed by her friend and ally, the Gendarme and Ezrite anchorite Agnès Gauthier.


The trial of Agnès Gauthier and other associated Ezrite "conspirators" took place. However, after a trial marked by the controversial intervention of the Maitriser's ward, Edme Tourette, the judge Gaston de la Vigne gave down lenient sentences, apportioning a measure of the blame upon the Comtesse d'Azerac, leader of the Provisional Goverment, for the death of Verinne van Haute. Later that night, a man matching the description of the judge was seen dragged unconscious or worse from his home in the middle of the night. Paranoid aristocrats fret in their parlours, and all fear what is to come next.


On the morning of July 28, reports of a bizarre, inexplicable incident spread across Vallaki, as over a dozen unidentified bodies - all of them headless and reeking of sewage, were discovered washing up on the shores of Lake Zarovich.

Within the annals of the Citadel's historical records, this event would later notoriously become known as "The Headless Tide Massacre".

775 (RL 2020)[]


Barovia: The dread knight Lord Soth, aided by the Red Wizard Halvor, attacked the settlement of Degannwy. Many elves are murdered. Adventurers rallied to Degannwy's defence. During winter, the settlement was ravaged by a particularly cold blizzard, according to some even colder than the peak of the Baratak.


The elves of Har-Thelen spoke of a lot of outlanders stomping through their city docks on the 18th. The following day, an eclipse occurs... Rumors abounded that the Time of Unparalleled Darkness had come.

Barovia: In response to Lord Soth and Halvor's attacks on the elven settlement of Degannwy, the elves of the Autumn Grove, with the help of the druids of the Roaming Circle, resurrected their champion, the celestial ent Yggdrasil.


Dementlieu: An extra-ordinary levy was called by acclamation of the nobility, to defend Dementlieu's borders from the Falkovnian menace. The forces of this levy were named 'la Jeune Compagnie'.


Dementlieu: The sordid death of the Baron de Duchbourg Antoine Vaillant in an opium den revealed several other scandals, including allegations of extra-marital affairs involving the noble houses de la Rochenoire and Tremblay. Raymonde Tremblay and Sargent Alix Sinclair Martineau of the Gendarmerie Nationale were accused of attempted blackmail of the new Baron de Duchbourg, Grégoire Vaillant, who issues a scathing public letter, bringing the matter to light. Alix Sinclair Martineau was removed from her office in response.


Dementlieu: Raymonde of the noble house Tremblay was found dead in an apparent suicide. An order of arrest was issued for Alix Sinclair Martineau on charges of insurrection, conspiracy, and treason.


Dementlieu: The Gendarmerie and the Jeune Compagnie marched to relieve the siege of Ameranthe. They arrived, and joined the fortress's garrison. Agnès Gauthier married Marius de Mortigny and became duchess of Ameranthe.

Battle of Ameranthe: After precise counter-artillery fire directed by Alexandre Vaillant neutralised Falkovnian trebuchets, the Ameranthe Vanguard sally out pre-emptively to destroy the Falkovnian siege train. Siegmund Krauss, the Falkovnian General, was killed, and the Falkovnians routed. Of the many heroes present that day, Roland Steele distinguished himself in particular, for which he was later knighted (very rare for an outlander in Dementlieu).

The Council Restored: With Port-à-Lucine's garrison misdirected by the Battle of Ameranthe, Alix Sinclair Martineau ferried the Council of Brilliance back to the City of Lights under the cover of night. Her ship was heavily damaged in an extended engagement with the Pirate Queen Claude, before being scuttled by crashing into Université Bluff, losing the majority of her crew. Despite this, the Council was restored to the Palais and control of the city. As a reward for her service to the Council of Brilliance, Alix Sinclair Martineau was pardoned of her crimes, and bestowed the title of Dame as well as the seigneurie of Estellier.

Submission of Ameranthe: Marius de Mortigny arrived in Port-à-Lucine to kneel in submission before the Council and offer his surrender. The surrender was accepted, but at great cost for the Duc. Amongst other acts, Agnès de Mortigny was sent to Pierre du Mort for three years for the murder Dementlieu with their self-proclaimed Regent.

After the Window of Ste. Mere des Larmes failed to manifest a miracle at her behest, Bastion Joan Seccouse, passed at the age of 96 on a Fifth Day in front of a congregation of faithful and curious onlookers alike. After feverish murmuring, she contravened her previous proclamation naming Toret Armand Pineau as her successor, instead naming Warden Leonie Callie as the new Bastion.

Falkovnia: A small village near Lake Kriegvogel rebelled against the Vlad Drakov, naming themselves Vladantilan and claiming independence from Falkovnia. They requested recognition from the nation of Dementlieu.

Barovia: The Gundar River saw foreign vessels which heralded the arrival of the so-called Gundarakite Black Army outside Zeidenburg. The road to the Dreadpass was closed and the city was soon placed under siege as war returned to the region. The battle-tested mercenary company announced its intent to liberate their homeland of Old Gundarak. A better equipped army had not been seen in any previous period in Barovia's history, and their arrival gave newfound hope to the Gundarakite Rebels while Barovians braced for what seemed to be yet another invasion of their conquered homeland. Further black-clad bands were seen moving on the road east to Teufeldorf. Burgomaster Stelian Moraru rallied the Zeidenburg Garrison composed entirely of Barovians and refused to surrender to the invading force.

Siege of Zeidenberg: The city of Zeidenberg was attacked by the Gundarakite Black Army, and the local rebel movement in the city rose up simultaneously to create the perfect storm for Burgomaster Stelian Moraru, who utilized confiscated Invidian cannons to little avail as his adversaries utilized western firearms to great effect. The city fell after an element of rebels opened the gates and allowed the attackers to overwhelm the city in the districts under Barovian control. With the death of Burgomaster Moraru and his subsequent hanging in the city, Zeidenburg quickly fell and was occupied by the rebel coalition. After the fall of the city, the enigmatic Lord Regent Demetrius Ajkler arrived and met with numerous rebel leaders in the city including the local hero Ardonk Szerieza. With the fall of the city, change had come to Zeidenburg.

Borca: In Lekvarest, Praesidius Levin Postoya and the four Bastions of the Faith presided over the funeral of Bastion Secousse. Shortly after saying his final words, the Praesidius was struck with chest pains and collapsed. Upon his death, the followers of Bastion Raines proclaimed the world has entered the Time of Unparalleled Darkness. Chaos erupted within the Home Faith clergy when it is confirmed Postoya named no successor before his death. An election was announced, exclusive to Torets, Sentires, and Bastions, to choose the next Praesidius. Not long after, Bastion Raines issued a proclamation claiming newly ascendant Bastion Caille had uncovered ancient by-laws in the bowels of Ste. Mere des Larmes, older than any other Church document, that make clear the leader of the faith can come from any rightly-recognized Revelation.

Some days later, earthquakes of unimaginable strength were felt throughout northern Borca, seemingly originating from within the wound that rests within the Core's very centre — the Shadow Rift. The quakes caused much of the priceless sculptures and vases in Sef Ivan Dilisnya's marvelous estate of Degravo to fall from their pedestals and be shattered upon the pitiless earth. A cave-in affected the Sommet Theatre in Lechberg, though fortunately no one was harmed. Experts predicted that it would take at least several months for the stone and rubble to be moved out and for shows to resume there, however.

The quakes' effects were felt perhaps strongest in the city of Sturben, where the House of Grace, the oldest cathedral consecrated to Ezra aside from Ste. Mère des Larmes, was utterly destroyed, the church's massive steeple first buckling and then careening downwards to split the temple down the middle. The belfry crashed to the cobbles below in a plume of dust, crushing over a dozen unfortunate souls. Counted among the dead is Toret Paolino Trevisan.

Darkon: The eruption of Mount Nyid! Thick plumes of pyroclasts spewed from the bowels of this titanic volcano, its summit now replaced with a fuming caldera. Layers of ash and all manner of tephra bury the distant, sleepy town of Rookhausen that rests on Darkon's eastern coast. The Dnar River, which snakes down from Darkon's eastern flank into much of Nova Vaasa, became befouled by the eruption, as the reservoir rested beneath the volcano.

A noticeable haze settled over the sky throughout the Core, with sunsets carrying rich, scarlet hues. It became noticeably colder and damper that winter, with snowfall taking an bizarre yellow tint. The sun's light became noticeably dimmer; it managed to pierce the thick fog that seemed to flood the day, yet only just. In countries big and small, mighty and fragile, people worried, showing fear and uncertainty for what lies ahead. Meanwhile, to the north in Nevuchar Springs, the zealots of the Fourth Revelation stood at the ready, preparing for the worst.

Refugees from Rookhausen eventually finished a long, arduous, cold journey northwards towards Nevuchar Springs. Men and women who only a month before had mocked the Ezrites for their apocalyptic doomsaying could be seen wearing frocks of green and black, utterly convinced of Bastion Teodorus Raines' truth.

The Night Wyrm of Darkon, a legendary beast awakened besides the great dormant volcano, was occasionally sighted by miners and those hiking through the Mountains of Misery, and reported that she was not alone; another wyrm of equally majestic and terrifying size was seen with her, flying at her side, and with them, a host of drakes.

Mordent: An uncannily youthful Doctor Rudolph van Richten was reportedly spotted frenetically clamoring into a famed herbalist shop in Mordentshire and frantically inquiring for his nieces.  He departed with haste, some odd, mystically illuminated orb held high, with two others, one male and one female, in tow.  They reportedly plunged into the depth of a particularly thick, impenetrable mist and were swallowed up.

Sri Raji: Sailors and merchants returned to their homes in Lamordia, Dementlieu, and Mordent from a long, exceedingly profitable voyage to Sri Raji involving three separate vessels, bringing with them saffron, tea, and an array of exotic spices. As they did, they also shared the tales from terrified natives of the goddess Kali walking among mortals, her body half that of a serpent. Surrounding Kali was an army of her chosen destroyers, their forms ghastly and horrific, alongside an ever-growing horde of mortal servants.

At the same time, the Celestines in Midway Haven received news that a hidden observatory belonging to another branch of the Celestines, resting deep within Sri Raji's thick and impenetrable jungles, was destroyed, with all five who manned the observatory butchered and sacrificed in Kali's name.

776 (RL 2021)[]


Barovia: The Gundarakite Black Army launched an assault on the city of Teufeldorf, where a large force of Barovian militia and Garda from various villages had gathered to reinforce the beleaguered defenders. The attackers struck down many of the defenders, with the tide in favor of the Gundarakites until a heavy mist descended upon the city. Cannon and muskets continued sporadically until a sudden silence reigned. The mists gave way, a large and bloodied force of men fleeing west. Survivors of the engagement recount tales of innumerable shambling undead that rose to kill all in their vicinity. It was rumored that the dead uttered the name 'Strahd' as they slew the living. The terrified Gundarakites retreated towards Zeidenburg, though no celebration was forthcoming from the Barovian defenders.

Mount Baratok quaked, causing damage to homes and possessions as far as Vallaki. Hundreds of fish washed ashore, dead, while rumors spread among the superstitious Barovians that a horde of the dead walk the mountain.

Borca: A conclave of Torets, Sentires, and Bastions convened in Lekvarest to choose the next Praesidius. Teodorus Raines, Alessandra Tiepolo, Jacomelo Grassi, and Oton Boritsi proved the final candidates. After two rounds of voting without a clear winner, a recess was called. Some time thereafter, Jacomelo Grassi was found dead in a nearby bathhouse, and the conclave pauses so an inquiry could be held.

The election resumed some days later. Bastion Raines announced his withdrawal from consideration, and endorsed Allesandra Tiepolo who swiftly overtook Oton Boritsi to secure her place as Praesidia. The final tally of her votes had increased five-fold from the first round: from five to twenty-five. Her supporters pointed to this sacred numerology as a divine sign of Ezra's favor. Moments later, a darkly dressed assassin struck out at Tiepolo. The female assassin was dispatched as she attempted to flee the scene, and her body was rushed away by officials of the Inquisition. Rumor spread that the assassin was a close associate of Lady Ivana Boritsi. Oton Boritsi departed in the chaos that followed. Only a day after the incident, fearful anchorites were heard pleading the Praesidia to make peace with Ivana Boritsi, while others directly sought to placate Ivana for mercy.

Darkon: The Battle of Karg. A clash between the besieged Eternal Order and the Zealots of the Church of Ezra left the Fourth Sect's forces reeling and crippled as they flee east. Rumors abound that the siege's benefactors had seized all funding, that some divide in the Zealot ranks caused the defeat, or that it was in fact the absence of Bastion Raines, away on campaign to be the next Praesidius, that brought ruin upon the Fourth Revelation's forces.

Invidia: Invidian forces backed by Falkovnian mercenaries clashed with Gundarakite forces backed by Dementlieuse mercenaries at Fort Navorhan. The Gundarakite 'Fifth Company' defenders proved victorious, though the toll in blood is heavy.


Barovia: The sleepy town of Berez found itself awoken by the fiery blaze of burning ships as the Black Army slipped into the town, capturing or killing the guard before locking down the area. For the next two days, no one entered or left the town. In the following days large, sturdy barricades, walls and checkpoints were erected in and around the town, fortifying it against any would-be attacker. Rumours abounded of the Black Armies purpose in Berez as the little town found itself host to the vaunted 'Fifth Company'.

Days after the village of Berez was seized by rebel elements of the so-called Black Army of Gundarak, there were stirrings as wagons moved between Zeidenburg and Berez through the Dreadpass, as Gundarakite control spread in the area outside of Old Gundarak-that-Was. Rumors of zombies striking Berez were spread by Barovians fleeing Berez, who headed for Wachter and Ionelus lands nearby. Bandits and monsters continued to pose a problem with rumors of wolves killing Barovian travellers on the Dreadpass, though oddly Gundarakites were spared.

Vorostokov: Word suffused, traveling at a glacial pace as it always does from the Frozen Wastes, of turmoil in the artic abyss of Vorostokov.  A tiny hamlet known as Kargo was rumored to have been razed and on the brink of utter destruction.  A group of intrepid outlanders were reportedly present for the raid by the Boyarsky, the foreigners serving as a valiant defense, but were eventually crushed by the Boyar Zolnik’s ruthless warriors.  It is said that those who survived the onslaught had tirelessly worked to rebuild, battling starvation, the savage elements, decimated morale, and with frozen grief stuck to the icy cheeks of all of the remnants of the hamlet.

Within the same frigid breath of tales, it is shared that the group of foreigners, thought beaten and defeated, rose back up to seek vengeance.  Tales are abound of the assault and infiltration of the town of Vorostokov, how the Boyar’s cruel warriors were defeated, and the sanctity of the Boyar’s own hall was disrupted.  The brave souls from foreign shores purportedly ended the tyrannical reign of the reviled Boyar Gregor Zolnik, slaying him in his own enormous lodge.  Still yet, according to legend, there were no signs of his remains to corroborate this tale, but rumors of a great melting thaw and the first sprouting of spring’s bounty of flowering buds carried with these tales… Had the curse of permafrost within the Frozen Reaches been broken, lending the lands to a revitalization by spring, or was this simply a momentary reprieve for the oppressed and frostburnt Vos people? Whatever the outcome, the collective frost-hardy people of Vorostokov knew the touch of warmth and hope, if only for the moment.

Falkovnia: Silbervas was taken through the combined efforts of of Prince Vladimir Szestylen's forces, the kobold resistance group known as the Spawn of the Lizard, and the Dementlieuse mercenary Company of the Phoenix. Collateral damage was widespread. Rumor spread that the leviathan known as the Grey Wyrm emerged from the bottomless depths of Lake Kriegvogel to demolish several state-owned river-boats. Some dispute these sightings. The Prince of Vladantilan granted manumission to all slaves and non-human chattel within Silbervas. Prisoners-of-war and enemy combatants were led inside Silberkopf, now the seat of power for the fledgling prince, and never return.

The legendary freedom fighter, Gondegal, lead his own partisans down to reinforce Silbervas and defend it against Falkovnian reprisal.

Seelewald fortress was illuminated by a brilliant flash that turned night momentarily to day. The fortress was reduced to rubble and dust in an instant. Only the shadows of those soldiers garrisoned survived, burned into the sides of what few walls remained standing. Rumors out of Aerie the following day claimed the strange beam of light that struck the fortress came from the west.

Days later, the Prince of Vladantilan was assassinated just as a delegation from Dementlieu began its survey of the fledgling nation. His killers were alleged to have been Falkovnian agents, though the paranoid among Dementlieu's gentry suggested the massacre at Silberkopf may have been carried out by agents within the delegation itself. Vlad Drakov was swift to take advantage; by the following morning, forces from Lekar and Aerie besieged the town. The defenders put up token resistance as the remaining soldiers of Vladantilan vanished. The slaughter was total, the only surivivors of the mass impalements that followed being those enslaved and dragged to the Central Prison.

Of the resistance leaders the Basilisk and Gondegol, there was no sign, and rumor said they escaped the butchery and lived to fight another day.

Kartakass: The Meistersinger Competition for the town of Chebney was thrown into chaos when the favorite to unseat Meistersinger Geva Otte, Jan Leerman, vanished prior to competing. In the competition that followed, Meistersinger Otte is revealed by a band of intrepid adventurers as a beast in human guise, and slain by those in attendance. Leerman was found dead, soon after, and blame was laid at the feat of the slain Meistersinger. Despite attempts by Meistersinger Harkon Lucas of Skald to establish rule in the town after, when night comes, no Meistersinger remained to rally the Chebney's defense against the encroach of monstrous wolves. Those within the town were slain, and thereafter the people of Kartakass gave its ruins wide berth.


Barovia: Word travelled up the Dreadpass from the way of Zeidenburg. Following the Republic of Gundarak's ban on the Cult of Nerull there had been numerous small uprisings in the countryside of the resurgent Gundarak including incidents in the walls of Zeidenburg as guardsmen began to enforce the ban on the old duchy's faith. It becomes clear the action was controversial, especially among those who look to the old god and marked the influence the Cult still had in sections of Old-Gundarak-that-Was.

The town of Berez found itself almost constantly besieged by creatures of the night, forcing its would-be defenders of the Black Army to man the walls in larger number.

Dementlieu: The Jeune Compagnie was dissolved under order of the Gendarmerie Nationale.

Sri Raji: A Dementluise expedition to Sri Raji met with great success, returning to Port-à-Lucine laden with foodstuffs. The strife caused by the entity calling itself Kali was put to rest.

Barovia: In response to Black Army control of Berez, the Redoubtable Chapel of Our Eternal Guardian at Raduta Keep increased patrols of the crossroads west of the Luna Bridge.

Barovia: The Wurtbeich Heresy resurfaced after many years within Raduta Keep. A heretical, undead knight, formerly an initiate in service to the Redoubtable Chapel, Servilius Nazarenus Rufus, terrorized the lands between Raduta Keep and the Luna Bridge. On March 31st, members of the Ezrite Eastern Congregation of Barovia defeated the Death Knight and his undead forces in battle at the crossroads west of the Luna Bridge. Rumor persisted that other Wurtbeich Heretics may yet endure.


Barovia: Following an attack on the Wachter Estate by soldiers of the Black Army, a large contingent of Wachter Household guards arrived and laid siege to the village of Berez. With the use of stolen cannons, the Wachter forces decimated the Gundarakite-made defenses and a great battle was joined where the village's gates were thrown open as the small village was attacked seemingly on all sides. However, the cannons go silent and the Wachter host raised its siege and withdrew in good order. The rebellion maintained its grasp on Berez, if barely. The following days were met with reconstruction of defenses and an increase in activity from the Black Army.

Attack on Zeidenburg: Word travels that Lord Regent Demetrius Ajkler was assassinated during a sermon held by Oton Boritsi within the city of Zeidenburg. The Black Army fought a large contingent of Nerull cultists who stormed the incomplete cathedral of Ezra being constructed within the western part of the city. After a long night of fighting, the Black Army under the direction of General Katheryna Roskoványi who had declared 'emergency measures' and had assumed leadership of the Republic and Zeidenburg from Polgarmestser Ardonk Szerieza. The Diet of Gundarak, a council of polgarmesters and influential Gundarakites that formed the basis of a legislative body had not yet met on the issue but word travels that the second election of the nascent republic would come under way in the summer.

Berez: The sleepy town of Berez was once against fraught with terror as spirits from beyond the veil seem to materialize around the town, attacking its denizens with singular purpose.

Dementlieu: A tumultous election campaign for the empty seat of the Culture Advisor saw candidate Francette de Rosacier flee the country accused of treason, her titles attainted and her family disgraced. Later in the month, candidate Jacques Varteur, leader of the Miners' Association, and Chairman of the Workers' Congress, was assassinated. The people rose in anger, and red sashes were worn openly again...

Battle of Plessis Forest: The forces of Baronesse Vennier, wife of a former Revolutionary hero, marched on Port-à-Lucine. They were met at Plessis Forest, near the asylum, and defeated. The Baronesse was killed by an unknown sniper.

Borca: In Sturben, three months after the end of the conclave in Levkarest, Sentire Geofri Solda held a controversial service, endorsing Oton Boritsi, the very same who had lost his bid to become Praesidius to Alessandra Tiepolo and made claims that the Praesidia was conspiring against Sturben.

Within the same week of service, Inquisitor Carus Vonn arrived to condemn the congregation of Sturben for its passive acceptance of blasphemy coming from Sentire Geofri Solda. During this exchange, the poorer district of Sturben was on the brink of unrest, fueled by their misfortune and the heretical words of Girolamo Marmagna and his "Black Blades of Ezra", who sought to fully dismantle the old order of the Church.

Noting the instability, Count Edmundo Dilisnya sent over the Trentavasi Guard, led by banker and emissary Bernabas Trentavasi to assist in securing Sturben with his personal guard captain, Anton Silvestrov. The Trentavasi arrived and claimed, at Baroneasa Beatrice Ritter's outrage, that they were there to restore law and order in Sturben. This created a power struggle between Ritter and the Trentavasi, and as a result the populace were doubly taxed to maintain both groups.


Dementlieu: Marion Ecuyer was saved from her kidnapper Felix Touré, who was shot and killed by Lily-Rose Dupont. House Lecuyer announced support for Dupont, who in turn announced her candidacy for Culture Advisor to the Council of Brilliance.

Berez Civil Massacre: Tempers flared in the fortified town of Berez as the age old conflict between Gundarakites and Barovians reared its ugly head once more. Soldiers of the Black Army rushed towards the growing angry mobs from both nations, armed to the teeth with makeshift weapons and farming tools. As the acting commander moved in to calm the unruly mob, the first blow was struck. It is unclear which side swung first, but what had begun as angry protests soon turned bloody, leaving countless bodies in the sleepy town.

Barovia: The Black Army evacuated its soldiers and Gundarakite citizens out of Berez, returning to the walled city of Zeidenburg.

The vassalich Nasir was dispatched at Raduta Keep by a collection of Outlander and Native adventurers.

Invidia: The Battle of Karina: The Gundarakite Black Army launched a coastal raid on the Invidian city of Karina, under the control of Malocchio Aderre, sailing downriver from Zeidenburg in support of the forces of his mother Gabrielle, a putative sponsor of the Gundarakite cause. Following a direct confrontation with Malocchio himself, they were victorious. Gundarakite General Katheryna Roskoványi, however, was killed.


Barovia: The Gundarakite Black Army was mostly destroyed as Wachter and Ionelus forces marched down the Dreadpass and retook Zeidenburg. The city was violently pacified through summary executions.

Burgomaster Iancu Viteazul was executed for his incompetence and his failure to keep the Black Army from occupying Berez. Rumours suggested his family was forced to watch the execution. Burgomistress Musatei Viteazul succeeded him.

Dementlieu: Sieur Regnier Chaboteaux was elected as Cultural Advisor, defeating Lily-Rose Vaillant by a comfortable margin. An uneasy quiet returned to Port-à-Lucine.

Borca: In Sturben, a new group emerged known as the Merchant League, defectors of the Trade Guild of Sturben. The League called for the population to "recover the ancient roots of Borca" by making promises to move away of the current influences of the Borcan aristocracy, while empowering independent merchants to flourish under a city council. This statement further divides the shaken city of Sturben.


Borca: Madness filled the city of Sturben during the council between the Stapan and the Ezrite delegation. In a sudden surprise, the Stapan, Beatrice Ritter, was chased out of the city by a fanatical militia led by Inquisitor Carus Vonn, who had, without warning, assumed control of the city. Moments after the Stapan's escape, the city gates soon closed, preventing any from coming in and out.

Once the gates reopened, the city had changed dramatically. Cliques had formed and anarchy reigned. It did not last long, as with the support of the Church of Ezra, and the merchant families of Sturben, they managed to reclaim control of the city, eliminating the uprising that had taken place. At the end of the conflict, the city's control was then assumed by the Trade Guild, under the leadership of Samuel Lamoco, while surprisingly collaborating with its ex-colleagues under the Merchants' League. Soon after, the latter reintegrated itself back into the Trade Guild, helping the city reunify again.

In the days that followed the revolt, disagreements regarding Samuel Lamoco’s sudden rise to leadership became apparent, with some believing that this was but an opportunistic attempt to seize power. Suddenly, the threat of another revolt grew imminent until proposals came forward to settle differences by establishing a city council. Begrudgingly, Samuel submitted and his leadership ended.

To manage the ongoing threats within the city and the surrounding lands of Sturben, the first matter that the newly formed council addressed were the matters of justice. At first there was wonder if they would maintain the level of justice that was initially maintained by the former Stapan, but soon a shocking conclusion was made.

A more severe court system was made to adhere to justice, a system deemed old and archaic by the elites of Borca, but more aligned to tradition by the locals of Sturben. The Faceless Court was suddenly introduced to the city of Sturben, approved by the city council. The court consisted of five masked judges where anyone can present cases to them. Although the judges were never the same, their masks were always consistent grimly ornate visages, with locals claiming that their designs were inspired by Borca’s first inhabitants.

The new justice system was met with annoyance by the aristocracy and eventually fear. Some grew to know that no one was truly protected from the Faceless Court’s wrath. Soon, all sorts of criminals would be brought before the Wyrmsbreath to meet their doom, from treacherous nobles to the common brigand. The events of the revolt had hardened Sturben, and mercy to those that threatened it was out of the question.


Dementlieu: The "White Day" ball organised by the Baron du Duchbourg, Marco Corbeau and Eglantine Desrosiers was greatly successful, bringing new blood and faces in celebration of the République's return to its virtues.


Hazlan: At the archeological excavation site west of the Saniset River work was halted briefly. Unofficially it was reported that Rashemi laborers found something that frightened them. A small delegation from the Red Academy arrived and whatever it was that frightened the laborers was secured. The insubordination was dealt with in the usual manner.


Dementlieu: An explosion rocked the Quartier Publique, causing carnage outside of the Banque, thought to be done by the hands of Imzel Imala of the Red Academy. A dozen were feared dead, and three times that many injured.

Hazlan: Rumors spread around the Core that Lord Hazlik survived an attempted assassination by three individuals: Cornelius Valcourt, Aldous Hargreaves, and Sylvyana Tar'eir at the Red Academy.

777 (RL 2022)[]


Barovia: Aldous Hargreaves' body was left outside Castle Ravenloft with a notice stating it was an example of those who defy the will of Count Strahd von Zarovich XI.


Dementlieu: The career of the de Bellavance sisters was brought to a close when the elder sister was executed, and the younger sister brought down at the execution by an elven woman in red and black.