This is a general timeline of In Character events on the server. Events are noted if it's reasonable to think that any commoner NPC would have heard of them and would gossip about them, i.e. what your character could find out at the local tavern.

If in doubt, do not be too specific; don't worry too much about specific dates or the names of any characters involved, details should be found out In Character.

759 (RL 2004)[edit | edit source]

The Refuge of the Fifth Light: An unknown benefactor pays to have a lavish church dedicated to Ezra constructed in the Nobles’ District of Vallaki.

760 (RL 2006)[edit | edit source]

Blue Water Inn Massacre: Dark elves massacre everyone at the Blue Water Inn in Vallaki, Barovia.

762 (RL 2007)[edit | edit source]

Von Zeklos Keep: When Nicolae and his wife Violetta died in the aftermath of Invidian skirmishes, their child Simon Von Zeklos, now Boyar, is persuaded by Warden Nell Ward to have the local chapel blessed anew in Ezra's name. Salvatore Alurto becomes the new Toret, after twelve years of vacancy.

763 (RL 2008)[edit | edit source]

The Sullen Woods Massacre: Many Gundarakites and witches are executed, stoned, or otherwise slaughtered by the Personal Guard, a group of Barovians advocating Barovian supremacy. They are eventually outlawed after their reign of terror.

The Refuge of the Fifth Light: Praesidius Levin Postoya, the spiritual and political head of the Church of Ezra, pays a quick visit to the Barovian community.

Von Zeklos Keep: Boyar Simon is assassinated and Vincent becomes the new Boyar. Many outlanders are recruited to serve him and soon the chapel of Ezra in the keep grows and attract more faithful.

764 (RL 2009)[edit | edit source]

Von Zeklos Keep: Because of troubles with some outlanders, violence erupts and many assassins are slain in the Keep. Conflicts grow between the Boyar Vincent and the town of Vallaki, a civil war brewing. By the end of the year the Keep is stormed by a group of outlanders and a group of undead. Most of the family of Von Zeklos is slain, and Toret Alurto also falls in the siege. The Keep remains in ruins and mostly inaccessible for several years.

The Refuge of the Fifth Light: Several benefactors contribute to the building of the Rectory in Vallaki.

Krofburg: The village is restored thanks to the contribution of several people, including the Von Zeklos family, shortly before their fall.

765 (RL 2010)[edit | edit source]

Perfidus: This fiendish realm is discovered in the Mists. Though initially the Vistani form a little camp outside the place, they eventually stop travelling there. Since 770, Perfidus has remained lost in the Mists.

The First Invidian Invasion: Barovia is invaded by Invidian forces. Supported by Falkovnian mercenaries, the Invidians attack the Vistani; the invaders driven back at the Battle of Tser Pool.

The Siege of the Western Gate: Conclusion of the First Invidian Invasion resulted in a rogue regiment of Falkovanian mercenaries’ who laid siege to the Western Vallaki Gate. Their leader, War Marshal Hanns Wolfklause demanded gold and food as tribute or else the slaughter of the fishing town would be eminent. Fortunately Vallaki was saved by the heroic efforts of a coalition of the Vallaki Guard, the now disbanded Vallaki Militia and conscripted outlanders all of whom where under the command of Sergeant Gregori Iorgovan. The three week siege was lifted after a fierce battle and the residents of Vallaki saved.

Von Zeklos Keep: Salvatore Alurto is re-born as a wight. Two people, Gard and Marle, approach him carrying the symbols of Ezra, and persuade him of a new Revelation, the Fifth, to be the Final Revelation there. It is soon labelled as heresy, and their followers gradually go into hiding. Meanwhile a plague spreads around Vallaki, but having its source in Von Zeklos's lands: it is rumoured the plague was caused by a survivor of the Von Zeklos family, Juliana.

The Wayfarer Kinship: Retired adventurer Loric Ashall opens the lodge in Vallaki for all goodwilling people.

766 (RL 2011)[edit | edit source]

Théatre de la Cathédrale: After the retirement from the stage of Anaïs Jalabert, her brother Pierre starts managing the theatre in Port-à-Lucine. He is helped by his Borcan wife, Baroneasa Luciana Armont. Tragedy strikes, though, as Pierre is found dead, and Luciana is quickly considered the murderer, despite the different opinion of detective Alanik Ray. Though she is caught and imprisoned, Luciana Armont Jalabert manages to escape by poisoning some gendarmes. The Jalaberts gradually begin to delegate more and more the management of the theatre to Absalom Nightlyre. One of the important events during his management is the first Meistersinger Contest of Dementlieu, won by Kaeyna.

Church of Ezra: After a full year of the heretical Fifth Sect openly operating and preaching, especially in Dementlieu, their leader Marle Winterlass is finally slain. Vallaki receives its first visit of Bastion Sarlota Otrava of the Pure Hearts.

Kartakass: The village of Concord is completely destroyed by some elite Darkonian forces. Professor Ernst Cornell of the University of Dementlieu starts a charity to restore his native village.

767 (RL 2012)[edit | edit source]

The Falkovnian Invasion of '67: Falkovnia invades Dementlieu from the East; while this goes on, food shortages in Port-à-Lucine lead to civil unrest. Maximillain Merda leads a popular insurrection, which fails; but plants future seeds of revolution... the Falkovnians, meanwhile, are eventually pushed back.

The Refuge of the Fifth Light: Stefania Milea becomes the new Sentire, while Mugur Costinus is demoted to Toret. By the end of the year she is removed, and starts a heretical group within Vallaki, the Fifth Day Reformation, which is first declared officially heretical and then soon vanquished. Costinus is restored as Sentire. A movement starts from the Church to restore the ruined and cursed Von Zeklos Keep chapel.

768 (RL 2013)[edit | edit source]

The War of Copper Knives takes place, a conflict between the Boyar of Wachter Province and the Burgomaster of Vallaki.

The Refuge of the Fifth Light: Praesidius Levin Postoya pays a second visit, after some years, to the Ezran community of Barovia, perhaps to make them feel his vicinity in these troubled times. Antonio Vezzoni of the Home Faith is named Toret, he is later executed by the Wachter Militia during the early stages for the War of the Copper Knives for various crimes, such as murder, conspiracy against the state and attempting to create a militia to repel Wachter invaders.

Raduta (formerly known as Von Zeklos Keep): Xanthus Creek, of the Fourth Revelation, is named Sentire of West Barovia, and his seat being in the Redoubtable Chapel of Our Eternal Guardian. By the end of the year he is replaced by Heinrich Frauenlob. The whole Keep is held by the Church of Ezra by agreement with Boyar Wachter, now legitimate owner of the land.

Village of Barovia: Bastion Sarlota Otrava of the Second Revelation of Ezra, consecrates once more the small shrine in the village, now called the Shrine of Dutiful Mercy, naming Nathaniel Byrne as a Toret there, thus ending some troubles between the Burgomistress Atanasius and the Church, caused by Sentire Milea's dealing with Barovian affairs.

769 (RL 2014)[edit | edit source]

July[edit | edit source]

Falkovnia mobilizes in the demilitarized zone created at the end of the last conflict with Dementlieu; the Council of Brilliance takes action to prepare against attack, announcing austerity measures and closing the food houses in the Quartier Ouvrier of Port-à-Lucine, stoking class tensions.

November[edit | edit source]

Dementlieu: campaigns for the elections to the Council of Brilliance begin.

770 (RL 2015)[edit | edit source]

January[edit | edit source]

The Revolution: In Dementlieu, Adeline Laurent and Wymmer Drukker are elected to the Council of Brilliance; but at their swearing in ceremony, Lord-Governor Marcel Guignol is assassinated. Armand Foquelaine, leader of the Republican Guard, attempts to seize power, but is jailed.

February[edit | edit source]

Adeline Laurent is accused of treason for trying to kill Dominic d'Honaire. After a sham trial, she is condemned to death, but saved by Pauline Jenout and her revolutionaries. Armand Foquelaine is freed, leading in effect to a three way civil war: the remnant of the Council of Brilliance, the revolutionaries, and forces loyal to Foquelaine. Foquelaine eventually overthrows the remnant of the Council of Brilliance, forcing them to flee the Port; he then holds an election to choose a new Lord-Governor, though there are no other candidates. His Council is composed of a porpoise and mannequins. He shuts down the L'Observateur newspaper, and those who openly challenge his rule are "disappeared".

Violence then escalates sharply between the revolutionaries and Foquelaine's regime, with the Quartier Ouvrier bombarded. Gendarmes are forced to perform several acts of barbarity, or shot as traitors. Pauline Jenout, leader of the revolutionaries, is killed. Jean le Goutteux replaces her.

Foquelaine dispenses with pretenses and proclaims himself Emperor; he is then shot while attending the opera. Revolutionaries storm the Palais Dirigeant; after a violent battle, they seize control of the city and proclaim a Revolutionary government.

In Sithicus, a Valachani Incursion erupts along the Sithicus - Valachan border. The invaders are defeated, with the help of shadowy entities. Azrael Dak takes out his frustrations on his wayward elvent subjects.

March[edit | edit source]

The Revolution continues, lead by Jean le Goutteux. Many are executed for being "counter-revolutionaries" or having ties to the former aristocratic government, including Laura Escher, the renowned fashion designer.

The Second Falkovnian Invasion: the leaders of the revolutionary government are assassinated, allegedly shot by a crossbow of Falkovnian design. Juste Marceaux organises the People's National Army to defend from Falkovnian invasion. Helene deSuis, Dominic d'Honaire, and Wymmer Drukker return to Port-à-Lucine and help fend off a famine.

Falkovnian forces attack, capturing Edrigan; then a few days later, the Falkovnians defeat the People's National Army and briefly sack Port-à-Lucine before being briskly recalled to Falkovnia to deal with insurrection there. The invasion ends.

Hélène DuSuis re-establishes the Council of Brilliance, albeit pledging reform, rights for common folk, and universal suffrage. A precarious order is re-established. She declares the Revolution to be over, as the people have won.

April[edit | edit source]

The Company of the Fox is formed and contracted to the defense of Dementlieu by the Council of Brilliance.

August[edit | edit source]

A horde of warriors from Valachan invade Mordent from the south. Lord Jules Weathermay of Mordent calls for aid; the Council of Brilliance of Dementlieu sends the Company of the Fox to assist militarily. Battles occur at Blackburn's Crossing and the Lightless Wood. The Valachani horde is defeated by Mordentish and Dementlieuse forces.

November[edit | edit source]

Count Strahd von Zarovich XI is proclaimed dead, although this is later shown to be a plot by his usurper, Lyssa von Zarovich. Lyssa is proclaimed Lyssa von Zarovich I, Countess of Barovia.

771 (RL 2016)[edit | edit source]

March[edit | edit source]

The Company of the Fox victoriously sieges and assaults the fortress of Chateau des Chantres in Dementlieu, near the border of Richemulot.

April[edit | edit source]

Count Strahd von Zarovich re-appears and overthrows the usurper Lyssa von Zarovich.

Attempting to seize the initiative before Strahd re-consolidates his hold on his land, Malocchio Aderre invades western Barovia, the Second Invidian Invasion, reaching the gates of Teufeldorf. In the ensuing chaos, a Gundarak uprising captures Zeidenburg.

August[edit | edit source]

Vallaki and Wachter forces are defeated by Invidians at the Battle of Zeidenburg Road; all of western Barovia trembles under fear of Invidian onslaught.

December[edit | edit source]

Through a complete reversal of fortune, the invasion and uprising are defeated in the same month — the siege of Teufeldorf is lifted and the Invidians repulsed, while Zeidenburg is re-taken and Amalia Szathmari put to flight.

The Refuge of the Fifth Light: Sentire Mugur Costinus is named Sentire of Barovia, and the Redoubtable Chapel of Our Eternal Guardian in the west is assigned to the Second Revelation.

772 (RL 2017)[edit | edit source]

February[edit | edit source]

Raduta (formely known as Von Zeklos Keep): The local chapel of Ezra passes in the hands of the Second Revelation, with Toret Rovana Stanoiu and Lucilla Giuccardini acting as local priests.

March[edit | edit source]

Vallaki: In the Broken Bell Theatre the first Meistersinger Contest of Barovia is performed, the winner being Sagrin.

May[edit | edit source]

Raduta (formely known as Von Zeklos Keep): Bastion Otrava has a special celebration in the chapel.

July[edit | edit source]

Dementlieuse forces counter Falkovnian troops in a border skirmish on the eastern shore of the Musarde River, at Seimerie.

Dementlieuse Civil War: aristocratic forces of the Covenant, led by the Maitriser Marius de Mortigny, declare war on the Council of Brilliance, demanding their aristocratic rights. Heavy skirmishing follows, especially south of Chateaufaux.

August[edit | edit source]

Port-à-Lucine is first blockaded by Covenant forces.

October[edit | edit source]

The Battle of Fletans, or Battle of the Frost: the Company of the Fox defeats Covenant forces. Marquess Blanche Couvreur is killed. Deaths are high due to the cold weather of frost and snow, despite healers' best efforts.

773 (RL 2018)[edit | edit source]

January[edit | edit source]

The Battle of the Col de Sangue. Heavily outnumbered forces of the Company of the Fox defend against the Covenant's attack. Despite inflicting very high casualties, the Fox are forced to retreat and their rear guard is annihilated. Both sides claim victory.

Chateaufaux is besieged by Covenant forces.

The Covenant flagship at the blockade of Port-à-Lucine is destroyed, winning the city a brief reprieve.

February[edit | edit source]

After a brief truce, the Covenant continues to march on Port-à-Lucine.

Grand Opera Massacre: driven insane by spurned love, the Vicomte de Roquefort and several of his guests attack the audience at the Grand Opera; they kill many before being all slain.

April[edit | edit source]

Following controversy surrounding the death of Simone d'Évreux, the Duchesse de Beauvais, and the destruction of her household, the Company of the Fox is disbanded and absorbed into the Gendarmerie of Dementlieu.

The fleet of the Council of Brilliance attempts to lift the blockade of Port-à-Lucine but is destroyed while inflicting heavy losses on their foe. Covenant land forces reach Port-à-Lucine.

The Fall of the Deceiver: The cult of the Morninglord, along with their allies, traveled far and wide to end the reign of terror that belonged to Urzica the Deceiver.

May[edit | edit source]

Rampage of Ramulai: Blood fills the streets of Ramulai, Hazlan during the midnight hours. Mulani men and their servants lay lifeless in the streets. Those in the Red Academy know this to be the work of a servant of House Za'am, Mentalos' own twisted apprentice Balzaabar.

July[edit | edit source]

Port-à-Lucine: The Covenant take the city, simultaneously assaulting from the east and the west; the western attack, anticipated by General Montte of the Gendarmerie, devolves into a trap and a counter-trap that ties up most Gendarme forces while the eastern assault enters the city without facing serious resistance. General Edmond Montte slays the Covenant general leading the western force, Gaston Maurice, after surrendering to him; for this act of perfidy, Montte is dragged in front of the Palais Dirigeant, where he is almost summarily executed by the Maitriser himself. The Maitriser's hand is ultimately stayed by the words and actions of his close counsel.

Village of Barovia: A Lathanderite paladin falls to the floor at the foot of the Altar in the Sanctuary of Blessed Succor, witnessed by few, yet retold by the clergy of the Cult of the Morninglord. All who reside in the Village of Barovia awaken where they had fallen the night prior to hordes of demons remembering nothing of the event, suddenly healed of all injuries they had sustained leaving everyone in disbelief and denial save for those who witnessed what transpired in the Sanctuary that night. Shortly after, Alorin Brightroar is posthumously granted the rank of Saint by Vicar Miklos, and a holiday is established in his honor.

August[edit | edit source]

Following the successful campaign of defeating the vampiric menace known as Urzica the Deceiver, Dawnbringer Loredana Vaduva is named as Vicar of Vallaki for the Morninglord faith.

September[edit | edit source]

After almost two months of relative peace, news of an impending invasion from Falkovnia forces the Maitriser to retreat from Port-à-Lucine. A new militia is raised in readiness as the threat of war once more returns...

November[edit | edit source]

After discontent rocks the city, the workers' unions of Port-à-Lucine organize a congress to draft a petition of redress, to be presented to the Provisional Government. The Government ignores the petition.

774 (RL 2019)[edit | edit source]

May[edit | edit source]

Port-à-Lucine: After months of relatively uneasy quiet in the West of Dementlieu as the Falkovnians lay siege to Ameranthe, the Maitriser's fortress in the East, civil discontent erupts after the playwright, musician, local celebrity, and war hero Verinne van Haute is killed by her friend and ally, the Gendarme and Ezrite anchorite Agnès Gauthier.

June[edit | edit source]

The trial of Agnès Gauthier and other associated Ezrite "conspirators" takes place. However, after a trial marked by the controversial intervention of the Maitriser's ward, Edme Tourette, the judge Gaston de la Vigne gives down lenient sentences, apportioning a measure of the blame upon the Comtesse d'Azerac, leader of the Provisional Goverment, for the death of Verinne van Haute. Later that night, a man matching the description of the judge is seen dragged unconscious or worse from his home in the middle of the night. Paranoid aristocrats fret in their parlours, and all fear what is to come next...

July[edit | edit source]

On the morning of July 28, reports of a bizarre, inexplicable incident spread across Vallaki, as over a dozen unidentified bodies - all of them headless and reeking of sewage, were discovered washing up on the shores of Lake Zarovich.

Within the annals of the Citadel's historical records, this event would later notoriously become known as "The Headless Tide Massacre".

775 (RL 2020)[edit | edit source]

January[edit | edit source]

Barovia: The dread knight Lord Soth, aided by the Red Wizard Halvor, attacks the settlement of Degannwy. Many elves are murdered. Adventurers rally to Degannwy's defence. During winter, the settlement is ravaged by a particularly cold blizzard, some say colder than the peak of the Baratak.

February[edit | edit source]

The elves of Har-Thelen recall a lot of outlanders stomping through their city docks on the 18th. The following day, the eclipse occurs... Rumors abound that the Time of Unparalleled Darkness has come.

Barovia: In response to Lord Soth and Halvor's attacks on the elven settlement of Degannwy, the elves of the Autumn Grove, with the help of the druids of the Roaming Circle, resurrect their champion, the celestial ent Yggdrasil.

April[edit | edit source]

Dementlieu: An extra-ordinary levy is called by acclamation of the nobility, to defend its borders from the Falkovnian menace. The forces of this levy are named 'le Jeune Compagnie'.

May[edit | edit source]

Dementlieu: The sordid death of the Baron de Duchbourg Antoine Vaillant in an opium den reveals several other scandals, including allegations of extra-marital affairs involving the noble houses de la Rochenoire and Tremblay. Raymonde Tremblay and Sargent Alix Sinclair Martineau of the Gendarmerie Nationale are accused of attempted blackmail of the new Baron de Duchbourg, Grégoire Vaillant, who issues a scathing public letter, bringing the matter to light. Alix Sinclair Martineau is removed from her office in response.

June[edit | edit source]

Dementlieu: Raymonde of the noble house Tremblay is found dead in what is ruled a suicide. An order of arrest is issued for Alix Sinclair Martineau on charges of insurrection, conspiracy, and treason.

July[edit | edit source]

Dementlieu: The Gendarmerie and the Jeune Compagnie march to relieve the siege of Ameranthe. They arrive, and join the fortress's garrison. Agnès Gauthier marries Marius de Mortigny and becomes duchess of Ameranthe.

Battle of Ameranthe: After precise counter-artillery fire directed by Alexandre Vaillant neutralises Falkovnian trebuchets, the Ameranthe Vanguard sally out pre-emptively to destroy the Falkovnian siege train. Siegmund Krauss, the Falkovnian General, is killed, and the Falkovnians are routed.

The Council Restored: With the majority of Port-à-Lucine's garrison distracted at the Siege of Ameranthe, the former Gendarme Sargent-now-outlaw Alix Sinclair Martineau ferries the Council of Brilliance into the City of Lights under the cover of night with her merchant vessel, La Grâce de Damon, and seizes the Palais Dirigeant with a mixture of her own naval marines, foreign mercenaries, and the Council's loyalist Gendarmes in her company. Heavily damaged and taking on water from an extended engagement with the Pirate Queen, Claude, La Grâce de Damon was scuttled by crashing into Université Bluff, losing the majority of the hundred hands who served onboard. Deputized by the Council of Brilliance, her order of arrest for the charges of insurrection, conspiracy, and treason was removed the same night and she was bestowed the title of Dame and the seigneurie of Estellier (Dame d'Estellier) for her services by the newly restored Lady-Governor Hélène DuSuis the following day.

Submission of Ameranthe: Marius de Mortigny arrives in Port-a-Lucine to kneel in submission before the Council and offer his surrender. The surrender is accepted, but at great cost for the Duc. Amongst other acts, Agnès de Mortigny is sent to Pierre du Mort for three years for the murder of Verinne van Haute.

December[edit | edit source]

Dementlieu: The Baron de Sebastian, Donatien des Ayvelles, a Chevalier and warhero of past conflict against Falkovnian, is discovered dead in the Ouvrier. Credit is claimed by the Quartier Watch and accusations are made against the slain nobleman. Many in the Ouvrier, already moved to unrest, celebrate the Quartier Watch as defenders of the common people. Union leader Jacques Varteur presents a signed petition to the Council of Brilliance personally, asking for consideration of several rights for the common people of the Quartiers Marchand and Ouvrier. Some days later, a strike breaks out along the Widow's Walk, lasting only a day but sending a strong message to the city's elite.

The Black Army of Gundarak, formally The Black Company, having militarily supported the Council of Brilliance both against the Covenant rebellion and the recent Falkovnian invasion, manages to secure financial backing for an invasion of Gundarak-that-Was before departing the nation with their self-proclaimed Regent.

After the Window of Ste. Mere des Larmes fails to manifest a miracle at her behest, Bastion Joan Seccouse, passes at the age of 96 on a Fifth Day in front of a congregation of faithful and curious onlookers alike. After feverish murmuring, she contravenes her previous proclamation naming Toret Armand Pineau as her successor, instead naming Warden Leonie Callie as the new Bastion.

Falkovnia: A small village near Lake Kriegvogel rebels against the Vlad Drakov, naming themselves Vladantilan and claiming independence from Falkovnia. They request recognition from the nation of Dementlieu.

Barovia: The Gundar River sees foreign vessels which herald the arrival of the so-called Gundarakite Black Army outside Zeidenburg. The road to the Dreadpass is closed and the city is soon placed under siege as war returns to the region. The battle-tested mercenary company announces intent to liberate their homeland of Old Gundarak. A better equipped army has not been seen in any previous time in Barovia's history, and their arrival gives newfound hope to the Gundarakite Rebels while Barovians brace for what seems to be yet another invasion of their conquered homeland. Further black-clad bands are seen moving on the road east to Teufeldorf. Burgomaster Stelian Moraru rallies the Zeidenburg Garrison composed entirely of Barovians and refuses to surrender to the invading force.

Siege of Zeidenberg: The city of Zeidenberg was attacked by the Gundarakite Black Army, the local rebel movement in the city rose up simultaneously to create the perfect storm for Burgomaster Stelian Moraru who utilized confiscated Invidian cannons to little avail as his adversaries utilized western firearms to great effect. The city fell after an element of rebels opened the gates and allowed the attackers to overwhelm the city in the districts under Barovian control. With the death of Burgomaster Moraru and his subsequent hanging in the city, Zeidenburg quickly fell and was occupied by the rebel coalition. After the fall of the city, the enigmatic Lord Regent Demetrius Ajkler arrived and met with numerous rebel leaders in the city including the local hero Ardonk Szerieza. With the fall of the city, change has come to the city.

Borca: In Lekvarest, Praesidius Levin Postoya and the four Bastions of the Faith preside over the funeral of Bastion Secousse. Shortly after saying his final words, the Praesidius is struck with chest pains and collapses. Upon his death, the followers of Bastion Raines proclaims the world has entered the Time of Unparalleled Darkness. Chaos erupts within the Home Faith clergy when it is confirmed Postoya named no successor before his death. An election is announced, exclusive to Torets, Sentires, and Bastions, to choose the next Praesidius. Not long after, Bastion Raines issues a proclamation claiming newly ascendant Bastion Caille has uncovered ancient by-laws in the bowels of Ste. Mere des Larmes, older than any other Church document, that make clear the leader of the faith can come from any rightly-recognized revelation.

Some days later, earthquakes of unimaginable strength are felt throughout northern Borca, seemingly originating from within the wound that rests within the Core's very centre — the Shadow Rift. The quakes cause much of the priceless sculptures and vases in Sef Ivan Dilisnya's marvelous estate of Degravo to fall from their pedestals and be shattered upon the pitiless earth. A cave-in affects the Sommet Theatre in Lechberg, though fortunately no one is harmed. Experts predict that it will take at least several months for the stone and rubble to be moved out and for shows to resume there, however.

The quakes' effects are felt perhaps strongest in the city of Sturben, where the House of Grace, the oldest cathedral consecrated to Ezra aside from Ste. Mere des Larmes, was utterly destroyed, the church's massive steeple first buckling and then careening downwards to split the temple down the middle. The belfry crashes to the cobbles below in a plume of dust, crushing over a dozen unfortunate souls. Counted among the dead is Toret Paolino Trevisan.

Darkon: Mount Nyid erupts! Thick plumes of pyroclasts spew from the bowels of this titanic volcano, its summit now replaced with a fuming caldera. Layers of ash and all manner of tephra bury the distant, sleepy town of Rookhausen that rests on Darkon's eastern coast. The Dnar River, which snakes down from Darkon's eastern flank into much of Nova Vaasa, becomes befouled by the eruption, as the reservoir rested beneath the volcano.

A noticeable haze now settles over the sky throughout the Core, with sunsets now carrying rich, scarlet hues. It becomes a noticeably colder and damper winter, with snowfall taking an bizarre yellow tint. The sun's light becomes noticeably dimmer; it manages to pierce the thick fog that seems to flood the day, yet only just. In countries big and small, mighty and fragile, people worry, showing fear and uncertainty for what lies ahead. Meanwhile, to the north in Nevuchar Springs, the zealots of the Fourth Revelation stand at the ready, preparing for the worst.

Refugees from Rookhausen eventually finish a long, arduous, cold journey northwards towards Nevuchar Springs. Men and women who only a month before mocked the Ezrites for their apocalyptic doomsaying can be seen now wearing frocks of green and black, utterly convinced of Bastion Teodorus Raines' truth.

The Night Wyrm of Darkon, a legendary beast awakened besides the great dormant volcano, is occasionally sighted by miners and those hiking through the Mountains of Misery, and yet now they report that she is not alone; another wyrm of equally majestic and terrifying size is seen with her now, flying at her side, and with them, a host of drakes.

Mordent: An uncannily youthful Doctor Rudolph van Richten is reportedly spotted frenetically clamoring into a famed herbalist shop in Mordentshire and frantically inquiring for his nieces.  He departs with haste, some odd, mystically illuminated orb held high, with two others, one male and one female, in tow.  They reportedly plunge into the depth of a particularly thick, impenetrable mist and are swallowed up.

Sri Raji: Sailors and merchants return to their homes in Lamordia, Dementlieu, and Mordent from a long, exceedingly profitable voyage to Sri Raji involving three separate vessels, bringing with them saffron, tea, and an array of exotic spices. As they do, they also share the tales from terrified natives of the goddess Kali walking among mortals, her body half that of a serpent. Surrounding Kali is an army of her chosen destroyers, their forms ghastly and horrific, alongside an ever-growing horde of mortal servants.

At the same time, the Celestines in Midway Haven receive news that a hidden observatory belonging to another branch of the Celestines, resting deep within Sri Raji's thick and impenetrable jungles, was destroyed, with all five who manned the observatory butchered and sacrificed in Kali's name.

776 (RL 2021)[edit | edit source]

January[edit | edit source]

Barovia: The Gundarakite Black Army launches an assault on the city of Teufeldorf, where a large force of Barovian militia and Garda from various villages have gathered to reinforce the beleaguered defenders. The attackers strike down many of the defenders, with the tide in favor of the Gundarakites until a heavy mist descends upon the city. Cannon and muskets continue sporadically until a sudden silence reigns. The mists give way, a large and bloodied force of men fleeing west. Survivors of the engagement recount tales of innumerable shambling undead that rose to kill all in their vicinity. It is rumored that the dead uttered the name 'Strahd' as they slew the living. The terrified Gundarakites retreat towards Zeidenburg, though no celebration is forthcoming from the Barovian defenders.

Borca: A conclave of Torets, Sentires, and Bastions convene in Lekvarest to choose the next Praesidius. Teodorus Raines, Alessandra Tiepolo, Jacomelo Grassi, and Oton Boritsi prove the final candidates. After two rounds of voting without a clear winner, a recess is called. Some time thereafter, Jacomelo Grassi is found dead in a nearby bathhouse, and the conclave pauses so an inquiry can be held.

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