Outcast Rating (OCR)

Outcast Rating is a Ravenloft specific mechanic that represents how NPCs would react to your character. In other words, it's a measure of NPC xenophobia.

OCR differs by domain; for example, Barovians are more tolerant of humans than other races but don't like magic, whereas Sithicans generally don't like humans much; Hazlani people consider people who don't worship the Lawgiver to be outcasts, and the Dementlieuse don't like heavy armor. And so forth.

Low OCR is good. High OCR is bad. OCR may affect how certain NPCs treat you. The most important factor, however, is that NPCs that react to OCR will become hostile to any PC with an OCR rating of 16.

Things that lower OCR:

  • A positive Charisma bonus
  • The Influence Skill
  • Being an "accepted" race or faith

Things that raise OCR:

  • A bad Charisma score
  • Not being an "accepted" race or faith
  • Committing unaccepted acts in front of NPCs (e.g. casting magic in front of Barovians, wearing heavy armor in front of Dementlieuse)
  • Committing crimes

Some forms of OCR (e.g. Personal Rep in each domain) may be temporary values, and if put up (e.g. by crimes or casting magic), they will go back down over time. However, they will usually stop going down at 2 and not return to 0 without DM involvement.

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