Ravenloft: Prisoners of the Mist Wikia
  • Classes: All
  • Cross-class: yes
  • Requires training: no

Parry allows the character to block incoming attacks and make spectacular counterattacks. For every five skill points (up to maximum of 30 before armor check penalty is applied) including modifiers (dexterity, armor check penalty, etc.) the character's armor class is also improved by +1 when fighting in melee without a shield. This bonus is halved when fighting with a heavy weapon or a shield unless the character has the Improved Parry or Shield Parry feats respectively.

(NWN) Check: The difficulty class is the modified attack roll of the incoming blow. A successful Parry check means that the attack does not damage the parrying character. A character may only parry a number of attacks per round equal to the number of attacks per round available to the character.

(NWN) Special: If the parry is successful and the difference between the roll and the DC is ten points or greater, a counterattack occurs. A counterattack is a free attack made by the parrying character, at his full attack bonus, against the parried opponent. 

Use: The armor class bonus is automatic. Select the Parry mode to activate it. The character will remain in parry mode until the mode is exited.


  • The heavy weapons that halve the AC bonus, unless one has the improved parry feat, are the following ones: great sword, great axe, heavy flail, scythe, falchion, maul.
  • Wielding a ranged weapon cancels the parry AC bonus, unless one has a shield in the off-hand.
  • Being unarmed cancels the parry AC bonus, unless one has the improved unarmed strike feat.
  • The parry cap for AC is at 30 skill before Armor Check Penalty (ACP.)
  • The maximum AC you can gain from parry is affected by ACP. If you are wearing a -5 ACP item, the maximum parry bonus you can achieve from parry is at 25 skill, which is 5 AC.
  • (NWN)Parry is a combat mode, so cannot be used at the same time as other combat modes.
  • (NWN)Parry applies only in melee combat; it does not function if either the attacker or defender is using a ranged weapon.
  • (NWN)This skill was reduced from its original (pre-release) state and is considerably less effective than it may sound. Parry can only deflect the first attack in each of the three flurries in a round (for example, parrying an opponent with 5 attacks per round will only attempt to block the first, third, and fifth attacks).
  • (NWN)Riposte attacks are made with the character's normal (descending) attack bonus, not at full bonus each time. Thus if a character has an attack schedule of +16/+11/+6 and successfully ripostes two attacks, the riposte attacks will be at +16 then +11, not at +16 each time.
  • (NWN)The parry skill applies to both the attack roll and the critical hit confirmation roll.
  • Automatic hits (natural 20 attack rolls) cannot be parried.