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Welcome to the Ravenloft: Prisoners of the Mist's Wikia[]

Wikia for Ravenloft: Prisoners of the Mist, a Neverwinter Nights gothic horror roleplaying server.

For information about the game world, visit the About page of the project website and dig in to the Forums!

Unless otherwise explicitly denoted, this wiki is to be considered out-of-character. Please avoid including information which could spoil the in-game exploration of the game world; for example, don't include locations of merchant NPCs and don't include information meant for DMs from the canon material. Limit the creation of new pages to game-mechanical subjects such as spell effects and class modifications and to generalized lore, that does not betray any details of currently on-going plots. You may include server lore that could feasibly be known by a fresh, native character.

Don't take this as discouragement to contribute to the Wiki, but as encouragement to keep the excitement of exploration in-game.

For information on Neverwinter Nights not specific to PoTM, you can rely on the good ol' NWN Wiki.


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