Ravenloft: Prisoners of the Mist Wikia

Tailoring involves the manufacturing of basic clothings and slings. To produce clothes, you will need a pattern, a tailoring kit and bolts of fabric. To produce a sling you will need a pattern, a pair of braided cords and a patch of leather for the cradle. Place the components in a tailor's worktable and use the tailoring kit on the table to craft.

Abilities: Charisma, Dexterity

Base Material Properties:[]

All attire consists of a base material. Each base has a distinct property. This effect tends to be better on the base outfit than the cloak or hood piece.

Wool - Protection from cold

Silk - Influence, weight reduction

Cotton - Concentration

Linen - Search

Each of the four base materials can be woven into 1 of 20 weave patterns.

Normal, Twill, and Satin are the low tier weaves for training and simple results.

The other 17 are advanced and create weaves that are good for a wide variety of enhancements. Sadly, it requires a complex chart due to the same weave pattern having mixed results on each fabric type.           

Wool Silk Linen Cotton
Cambric Disable Trap Set Trap Animal Empathy Move Silently
Camlet Heal Open Lock Spellcraft UMD
Corduroy Disguise Hide Perform Sleight of Hand
Damask OpenLock Spellcraft UMD Disguise
Flannel Set Trap Animal Empathy Move Silently Disable Trap
Fusitan Tumble Discipline Parry Antagonize
Gabardine Discipline Parry Antagonize Tumble
Ghati Parry Antagonize Tumble Discipline
Gingham UMD Heal Open lock Spellcraft
Herringbone Sleight of Hand Disguise Hide Perform
Hodden MoveSilent Disable Trap Set Trap Animal Empathy
Muslin Spellcraft UMD Heal Open Lock
Satin Animal Empathy Spellcraft Disguise Heal
Serge Antagonize Tumble Discipline Parry
Taffeta Perform Sleight of Hand UMD ? Disguise? Hide
Tartan Animal Empathy Move Silently Disable Trap Set Trap
Twill OpenLock Perform Set Trap Disable Trap
Velvet Hide Perform Sleight of Hand Disguise

Secondary Threads[]

In addition, secondary materials can be used to embroider for additional results.

Any soft gilding metal can be used, simply spin an ingot and spider silk gland together. Each has a similar effect that it will have on Armor. Electrum and Gold are the most generally useful.

Akiri Linen Threads* - Made with 2x mummy wraps, increases will at the cost of fortitude.  Most mummies in Har'akir have these.

Asbestos - minor fire protections -  found at Vallaki beetle caves

Bebilith Silk - Better poison protection than the Ettercap silk - found from Bebilith in Ghastria Church Catacombs.

Ettercap Silk - Poison Resistance - Found from ettercaps in Hazlan and the spider brothel in Port.

Liana Strangling Vine Fibers* - Increases fortitude, reduces reflexes - found in Sithicus

Misty Threads - Superior Armoring, Reduces physical damage similar to adamantine - found from the Mist Dragon

Ogre Battlerager Threads - Armoring benefit - collected from forest fane ogres

Shadow Silk - Protection from negative energy.  This silk is created by treating the silk of Voidborne spiders with a potent negative essence.

Sith Arak Hair* - Increases reflexes, reduces willpower - Found from Sith Arak in the Mists

Voidborne Spider Silk - Armoring and protection from death magic - Found in Sithicus

Yeti Wool - minor cold protection - Found from large Yetis in Vallaki region

*the detrimental effect is only when applied the threads to hoods or cloaks.


Enchanting has the consistent benefits of adding armoring, universal defenses similar to a red scarab, enhancing any skill benefits, and in some cases increasing the effects of the threading.  The most potent results of threading increases are seen on an outfit piece rather than cloaks and hoods.  The protective benefits of the electrum threads and shadow silk double when enchanted on an outfit piece.  Outfits manifest a hidden skill increase when enchanted.

What should I wear?

Spellcasters will likely want to enchant themselves a three piece set of Ghati Cotton.  The increased concentration and discipline will keep you on your feet and prevent spell lost if taking enemy fire, two of the most dangerous threats in combat.  Lining the armor with electrum or shadow silk will offer an additional elemental protection.  A wool body piece can help immensely against cold when enchanted if you are concerned about that as well.  A wool cloak is not quite as much cold resistance but still noteworthy.

Melee combatants will likely want a Ghati or Gabardine Wool Mist Threaded cloak.  The additional deflection armoring is quite luxurious, and the cold protection a plus.

For utility purposes using silk or linen gear for traps and locks is optimal.  The threading on these is not as crucial.