Type of Feat: Class
Prerequisite: Druid level 5 or Shifter level 1.
Required for: Cheetah's Speed, Cougar's Vision, Elemental Essence, Elephant's Hide, Extra Wild Shape, Frozen Wild Shape, Hawk's Vision, Oaken Resilience, Primeval Wild Shape, Scorching Wild Shape, Swim like a Fish, Savage Mobility, Verdant Wild Shape, Wolverine's Rage.
Specifics: Specifics: The character with this ability can take the shape of an animal from a temperate zone at will. He can assume the following shapes: badger, bear, boar, cougar, eagle, lynx, raven, and wolf. At level 12, including shifter and druid levels, these forms improve along with other wild shape forms.

Druids may use it once per day at fifth level, twice per day at sixth level, three times per day at seventh level, four times per day at 10th level, five times per day at 14th level, and six times per day at 18th level. Additionally, shifters gain one use per level. The transformation has a duration of 1 hour per combined druid and shifter level. Upon transforming, the character regains lost hit points as if they had rested for a night. This is only effective once per day.

Use: Selected. After choosing the ability, the character must choose an animal form to take.

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